So What is a Twonk?

A twonk is a Wombat, a plonker, a moron, a zit on the arse of the world, an idiot, a pleb, a prat, a…. well, you get it! This site hopes to advertise the fact that this world is run by them, although I will be concentrating on the UK for the most part. Much of the world politics these days is purely engineered to cause suffering to those who are dumb enough to think that the voting system actually makes any difference. I hold no party line and refuse to vote for any leading party so you can rant and rave as much as you like, I will be unperturbed and will continue to post against all our would be leaders whether they be in power or not.

Twonks will be voted in as I see fit and displayed in all their gory detail. You have been warned, you may get upset, but my judgement is final, so Ya Boo Sucks to you all. 😀